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Acoustic Foam



Egg Crate and Wedge Type

Acoustic foam used high density mold- proof, fireproof, enviromental ecopine wood as base material, 

processed by full automatic computer controled equipment. be made to multihole structures product, not only have

 good sound absorbing effect, but also looks great on visual.



 Structure  Base Material, Finish & Back Finish
 Basic Material  Fireproof, Eco-friendly
 Front Finish  Melamine, Natural Wood Veneer, Paint, etc.
 Back Finish  Black Felt
 Standard Size 18 x 18" / 24 x 24"
 Standard Thickness 50mm
 Standard Pattern  13-3, 14-4-2, 28-4, 59-5
 Acoustic Principle  Resonance Absorption
 Eco-Friendly  EU E1
 Fire Resistance  France F1



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